The Board of Directors comprises of eminent persons with professional experience in the field of Business, Finance, Accounts and Banking industry. The strength of the Board as on 31.03.2019 is 12 including the President.
Name : Shri. Dr. P. RAVICHANDRAN
Age : 66 Years
Qualification : M.B.B.S., M.S.,
Occupation : Practicing Civil Surgeon
Present position : Chairman of the Board
DIN : 02720100

Shri. Dr. P. Ravichandran is associated as a Director. He is a Famous and Leading Doctor and also Specialist Surgeon at Kumbakonam. He has been honored with several recognition within Thanjavur District. He is associated as a Chairman of the Board.

Name : Shri. S. ABAIKUMAR
Age : 42 Years
Qualification : B.Com.,M.B.A.,
Occupation : Business
Present position : President
DIN : 05107517

Shri. S.Abaikumar is associated as a Director since 30-10-2011.He is presently designated as President (w.e.f   27-09-2019). He is the Distributor for one of the leading FMCG Products for the past 10 years.  Being an M.B.A., Graduate He gives valuable advices in the area of Business Administration and financial operation and he is well known person in and around Kumbakonam.

Name : Smt. Y. KANNIGA
Age : 69 years
Present position   Vice President
DIN   02556001
Smt. Y.Kanniga is  one  among  the Founder  Director. She is equipped with vast Business Knowledge. She is presently designated as Vice President (w.e.f   27-09-2019)
Age : 64 Years
Occupation : Business (opticals)
Present position   Director
DIN : 02710054

Shri. B.Mukuntha Ramanujam is one among the Founder Director of the Company .He is presently  associated as Director. He is a dealer of Optical Appliances. He is associated as a Past President for the period from 07-12-2013 to 30-11-2015.

Name : Shri. S. R. SRIDHARAN
Age : 64 Years
Occupation : Civil contractor
Present position : Director
DIN   02710057


Shri. S.R.Sridharan is one among the Founder Director of the Company.   He is a Civil Contractor and one of the successful business Entrepreneur in his field. He is associated as a Past President for the period from 01-12-2015 to 31-08-2017.

Age : 52 Years
Occupation : Marketing
Present position : Director
DIN   02555991

Shri.R. Vijayakumar is one among the Founder Director of the Company.  He got commerce graduation from a reputed institution.  He is the best Insurance Service provider in Kumbakonam. He has vast knowledge in finance business and special skill in customer maintenance. He was the past President of Rotary Club of Kumbakonam Mahamaham. He is also one of the trustees of MANAVALAKALAI MANDRAM (YOGA Centre), Kumbakonam. He is also a Member in Portar Town Hall, Kumbakonam. He is  associated as a Past President for the period from 01-09-2017 to 26-09-2019.

Name : Shri. CA. M. Raman
Age : 65 Years
Qualification : B,sc.,FCA.
Occupation : Practicing chartered Accountant
Present position   Director
DIN   00820624
Chairman Upto : 20th April 2013

Shri.M.Raman, Founder of TBF Limited, is respected for deep insight with which he leads a strong team of Directors and Advisors  with admission of delivery premium value to all members, with a vision and keen understanding of the dynamic Market trend. Shri. M.Raman has grown TBF Limited, from Kumbakonam based to multiple location Benefit Company and is credited with several key strategic innovations which have positioned as well managed, well governed, value creating, top league company in Tamilnadu. As a Chartered Accountant, he is professionally well qualified and equipped with knowledge in company matters leads the company in a growing path. Shri M.Raman has been honored with several recognition within Tanjavur District including the centenary President of an International Organization  Rotary Club of Kumbakonam Mahamaham.

Name : Shri. G. BASKARAN
Age : 81 Years
Occupation : Business (Automobile Spare Parts)
Present position   Director
DIN   02710065

Shri. G. Baskaran is one among the Founder Director. He is  leading Automobile Spare Parts seller in  Kumbakonam.

Name : Shri. K.E.B. RANGARAJAN IRS., (Retd)
Age : 72 Years
Qualification   B.Sc., B.L.,
Occupation   Advocate and Income Tax Consultant
Present position : Director
DIN : 05234845

Shri.K.E.B.Rangarajan is associated as a Director since 21-04-2012. After his retirement from Indian Revenue Service, he is presently engaged as an editor of "Tax Trade" a fortnightly digest of  Direct Taxes published from Chennai. He practices Law as well as Income Tax Consultant, He appears before Income Tax Appellate Tribunal of Income Tax Department as Junior Standing Counsel, Chennai. Hailing from the family of a preceptor of Vaishnamali philosophy. He is highly interested in protection and preservation of ancient temples.

Name : Shri. R. LAKSHMANAN
Age : 49 Years
Occupation : Bus Operator (Transport)
Present position : Director
DIN : 07177711

Shri. R.Lakshmanan is co-opted as a Director with effect from 30-11-2015. He is Professionally engaged in the business of Bus Transport and Travels and has keen knowledge about Finance and Business.

Name : Smt. U. PRADEEPA
Age : 34 Years
Occupation : Business
Present position   Director
DIN   08001167

Smt. U. Pradeepa is  one  among  the  Director. She is equipped with vast Business Knowledge.

Name : Smt. R. KALA
Age : 50 Years
Occupation : Home Maker
Present position : Director
DIN : 08563305


Smt. R. Kala is  one  among  the  Director with effect from 26-09-2019.

Age 70 years
Qualification BA.,B.L.,PGDTL.,DCBP.,FICA.,
Occupation Consultant
Present Position Advisor -Corporate Law

Shri K K Balu has started his career as an advocate.  He held various higher portfolios in Banking Sector thereby  having extreme knowledge not only in law but also in Financial matters.  Joined as a Member of Company Law Board and became the Vice-Chairman of the CLB till September 2009.  Afterwards he is engaging in consultancy work for corporate law and as an arbitrator.  He holds panel position in various arbitration councils. He associated as an Advisor with us since 10.09.2012.

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